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technician is yellow chemical suit during a biohazard cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup Services

We take on all kinds of biohazard cleanup jobs in Dallas Fort Worth.  Our franchise has cleaned properties over 30 years in DFW, and we have seen and restored homes and businesses after any kind of disaster -- no matter how dirty.  If you have a unique cleaning and delicate cleaning situation, contact us today. 

Don’t hear, “Sorry, we can’t help you with that,” one more time. Call us. We’re ready to help!

technician on red ladder clean a commercial air duct

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services

We recommend most businesses have their air ducts cleaned every 5 years.  Manufacturers should consider air duct cleaning as often as necessary to meet clean compliance standards and pass inspections.  If rings of dust are visible around air ducts, then it’s time for duct cleaning. 

SERVPRO of Richardson can schedule commercial air duct cleaning services at a time most convenient for our clients.  We often clean after-hours, overnight, weekends, and even holidays.

Schedule your cleaning by calling or contacting us today.

washing gray commercial tile floor

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Everyday light cleaning goes a long way, but eventually, commercial floors need a deeper wash to get rid of grime that can’t be picked up by mops and vacuums alone. 

We’re happy to work with your business’ schedule to clean your floors without disrupting your operating hours. 

Cleaning services include:

  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Commercial tile floor cleaning 

Call or contact us to schedule a free inspection and service.

brown spot on commercial tile ceiling

Water Spot in Ceiling in Richardson Property

Seeing water spots on a ceiling is a sign of water damage.  The bigger the water spot, the more water is being released.  Acting quickly can help save you from further damage.  

Contact us for a free inspection as soon as you see a brown or yellow ceiling stain. 

The first thing we’ll locate is the source of water.  Is it from a leaking roof or a water pipe? After the source of damage is fixed, we make sure the area affected is dry.  Finally, the damaged ceiling tile is replaced.

thermal imaging camera finds cold spot on water damaged wall

Thermal Imaging Camera for Water Leaks

A thermal imaging camera is an essential tool for professional water damage restoration companies.  We use this technology frequently to help us inspect rooms and find wet areas that may be hidden from the naked eye.  The camera is not actually indicating a source of water. Instead, it is telling us the different temperatures of the area it’s scanning.  If we find spots that register a colder than average, then that’s an indication to us to further inspect the area. Most of the time, this is where we find hidden pockets of water.

white mold growing in home crawl space

Crawl Space Mold Remediation in Dallas, TX

If you are experiencing signs of mold growth and suspect your crawl space, give us a call. 

If we find mold, we’ll take the next steps to perform mold remediation.  We are licensed a Texas Mold Remediation Contractors, and we’ve removed mold from many homes’ crawl spaces. 

Ready for a free crawl space inspection?  So are we!  Give us a call and let us know what’s going on.  We’re here to help!