Ceiling, Floor, and Wall Cleaning

Ceilings and Walls

Why Clean Walls?

Your walls are exposed to the contaminants in your property. This can include:

  • Dirt and Dust
  • Grease
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Fire Smoke
  • Pet Dander

These elements are just a few examples. Many times, we get called to a home for other types of projects:

  • Cleaning Walls Before Painting
  • Clean Crayon Off Walls

Wall Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning

Your air duct and HVAC system contribute to the distribution of contaminants in your home. Air ducts filled with dust, debris, or mold will push it out through the vents. If this the case, air duct cleaning partnered with wall cleaning can make a difference.

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Cleaning Mold Off Walls

Depending on the size of your mold will determine whether Texas Mold Law requires us to report it to Texas or not. Regardless of the size, mold remediation should be left to professionals who can do the job without spreading mold spores and making the infestation worse.

Walls and Biohazard Cleanup

We’re trained to handle any type of biohazard situation, including when the pathogen is on a wall. We can sanitize after:

  • Vomit
  • Urine and Feces
  • Blood

Wall Cleaning Services in Plano, Richardson, and Dallas

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Hard Floors

Hard flooring, like hardwood and tile, is often used in today’s homes and commercial properties. At first glance, hard flooring appears to be easy to clean, maintain, and restore. However, these materials tend to have soil accumulate over time, and eventually you’ll need professional cleaning to remove this buildup.

We have specialized training in time-tested and industry-approved cleaning methods. Also, our proprietary cleaning system allows our Professionals to properly clean and restore your floor’s original beauty.