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Air Duct Cleaning in North Dallas, TX

With COVID-19 as part of our lives, a lot more attention has recently been given to air duct and HVAC cleaning in North Dallas. Many of our clients have chosen... READ MORE

Couch Cleaning in North Dallas

Couch cleaning is part of our upholstery cleaning package. Just like your carpets need to be vacuumed frequently and deep washed at least once every six months... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration in Plano, TX

Fire Damage Definition When any kind of damage is done to a property or content as a result of fire, the item is considered to have fire damage. Fire damage ca... READ MORE

Carpet Restoration in Dallas Fort Worth

Extending Your Carpet’s Life Mold, fire, and water damage don’t have to be the end of your carpet’s life, and regular day-to-day soiling, even... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Dallas School

Gym in School Floods Extracting water from the surface is only the beginning of a successful water damage restoration. Given enough time, water will break thro... READ MORE

Reconstruction After Water Damage Restoration in Richardson, TX

Replacing Water Damaged Floor It’s never pleasant to return home and find water damage waiting for you, yet this is what this homeowner experienced. To m... READ MORE

Contamination Level ATP Testing in Dallas, Texas

This athletic facility in Dallas, Texas was tested for contamination levels. We used ATP testing to prove contamination levels. ATP--adenosine triphosphate--i... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Roof Causes Smoke and Water Damage In Dallas Home

Fire Damaged Roof Causes Smoke and Water Damage In Dallas Home This Dallas home suffered a fire damage, which destroyed a portion of its roof. Fire fighting ef... READ MORE

Storm Causes Tree to Break, Fall on Dallas, Home

A storm caused this customer’s tree to break and fall onto his property. The home’s roof suffered major damage and needed an emergency board up to ... READ MORE

Ceiling Collapses After Water Damage in Dallas

Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Dallas Emergency water restoration in Dallas was needed after a water heater leak caused water to pool in this home’... READ MORE