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HVAC Maintenance for Commercial Buildings: What You Need to Know

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

Regularly maintaining your HVAC system is essential to keeping it in pristine condition.

HVAC systems provide comfort and relief from harsh weather conditions, especially in commercial settings. Additionally, HVAC systems increase building safety and provide a healthier working environment by circulating fresh air and keeping the humidity away.  

However, if you want your HVAC system to work properly and increase its life expectancy, you must perform routine maintenance checkups. Keep scrolling to learn how to maintain your commercial building HVAC system for increased energy efficiency and longevity. 

The HVAC Maintenance List

Keeping a maintenance check on your HVAC system ensures proper functioning all the time. Take these steps to keep your commercial building HVAC system in tiptop shape. 

Check air filters

HVAC air filters keep the system clean from the inside. In a commercial setting, dirt, dust, and debris easily get inside the HVAC system, damaging the machinery. Air filters protect the machinery, but they can get clogged if not cleaned routinely. 

Dirty air filters prevent the system from cooling or heating the room properly. So, check the air filters once a month. And when they get too dirty, you have to replace them.

Check evaporator and condenser coils

Evaporator and condenser coils transfer heat for temperature regulation. Blocked evaporator and condenser oil stop heating and will freeze over time. Water drips from the drain when the evaporator coils are frozen, creating water damage near the HVAC installation site. 

If you notice water damage near HVAC, immediately contact Richardson Water Damage Restoration services to minimize the water damage. However, it is better to clean these coils once per month to prevent this situation from occurring. 

Clean the exterior unit

In addition to the inside of the system, the outside of the HVAC system should be maintained just as diligently. This is because a dirty HVAC exterior interferes with airflow. Dirt, leaves, grass strands, and stray sticks or branches enter the unit vent. This blocks the airflow, making the HVAC system malfunction. 

Along with cleaning the unit outside, keep the area around it trimmed and clean to ensure fewer chances of debris worming its way into the vents. 

Check ductwork for damage 

The duct system must be regularly checked to ensure all sections are sealed and tightly fitted together. If there is breakage in the ductwork, call an HVAC specialist to insulate the ductwork with a rigid fiberboard or secure it through a standard fiberglass blanket.

Clean drain lines

HVAC systems create water to dehumidify the area. This water is expelled through the drain lines. When the drain lines are blocked, it directly affects the evaporator coil, turning it into ice. So, clean your drain lines every three months with warm water to prevent drain line breakage. 

Schedule a Professional HVAC Checkup

Regularly maintaining your HVAC system is essential to keeping it in pristine condition. However, even after keeping a close check, you can miss certain things. That is why you should get a professional service like SERVPRO to check and maintain your HVAC system. 

Get in touch with us at (817) 589-1499 to learn more about our HVAC maintenance services for commercial buildings. 

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