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Mold Inspection & Testing Services in North Dallas

1/29/2021 (Permalink)

For professional mold inspection and testing services in the North Dallas area, contact SERVPRO of Richardson.

Mold is often associated with Stachybotrys chartarum (black mold) or the types that grow on food (green Penicillium or gray Botrytis cinerea). Mold is a part of nature and is prevalent in our ecosystem with over 100,000 different species. Mold is harmless for the most part, but some species are toxic because they produce mycotoxins.

We spend the better part of our days at home, a place of business, or a school. The air quality of these indoor spaces is affected when toxic mold moves in and begins to colonize. To protect people’s health, mold should be removed, and mold prevention steps should be taken.

Mold inspection is an important part of mold remediation. While black mold is the easiest to spot, other species of mold may not be as obvious. A professional mold inspector knows what to look for and where to look - even those hiding places.

Richardson mold inspection and testing are a part of SERVPRO’s local mold remediation services. We comply with Texas’ mold law guidelines and use advanced mold remediation techniques and equipment.

Whenever environmental health is a concern, SERVPRO is here to ensure your spaces are as hygienic as possible. Our work to remove traces of toxic mold and address those issues that lead to future mold growth.

Professional Mold Inspection and Testing Services in North Dallas

There are about 12 types of mold found in homes, and it’s been speculated that most homes have at least some Stachybotrys spores present. It’s when a mold spore population exceeds a certain threshold and begin to release mycotoxins that the mold must be managed.

Mold tends to grow in places with excess moisture. This moisture collects beneath leaky roofs, windows, or pipes. Flooding scenarios also an ideal place for mold to grow (this usually starts within 48 hours). Mold also likes to grow on cellulose materials like paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, and wood. You might find mold on drywall, paint, wallpaper, insulation, carpet, upholstery, fabrics, and nestled in the dust.

With professional mold testing, we’ll account for where the mold is hiding and what kind of mold species are present. Then we work through a structured mold remediation process to restore your environment back to healthy levels. 

How Much is a Mold Inspection in Richardson?

How much does a mold inspection cost? This figure varies depending on where the property is located and who is providing the service. According to HomeAdvisor, The average mold inspection cost for North Dallas is $476. This is lower than the national average ($649).  

The typical range for mold inspection is between $344 and $611. Low-end jobs cost around $200 while with some scenarios, it may cost up to $1000.

Keep in mind that these mold testing cost figures are based on industry data collection and do not reflect SERVPRO of Richardson’s rates.

Are Mold Inspections Worth it?

The health and well being of those who live in a home, work in a building, or go to school is SERVPRO’s top priority. Having your property tested for mold is an important step toward ensuring air quality.

The more mold is allowed to flourish, the more damage it will cause. The more damage there is, the more mold remediation will cost. A professional mold inspection during the early stages of mold contamination can save you money.

How to Get a Free Mold Inspection in Richardson, TX?

The previous section regarding mold inspection costs may have given you a bit of sticker shock. We have some good news about that. Because a healthy community matters so much to us, SERVPRO of Richardson offers free professional mold inspection and testing! 

With this service, the mold inspection cost is no longer an excuse to put off mold testing. With our black mold inspection, we also provide a free mold remediation estimate that includes a detailed report of where mold growth was found.

Should I Get a Mold Inspection When Buying a House?

For most Americans, purchasing a home is the most significant investment they will make. As you would when buying a car, it is wise to go with something safe. 

If it’s an investment property, it would be unfortunate for your tenants to discover mold problems before you do. Tenants have the right to end a lease or sue for the landlord to remove the mold if they can prove the mold affects their physical health.

Here’s why you would want to get professional residential mold testing before purchasing a property.

  1. The seller is either unaware of the mold problem or knows about it and chooses not to disclose it.
  2. Home inspectors check for many things, but mold isn’t always one of them. A mold specialist will check areas that a home inspector may not.
  3. To uncover undisclosed water damage, flooding, leaks, and other potential flaws related to mold growth.
  4. An expert mold inspector donning the proper personal protective equipment gets close to the mold (if present) so you won’t have to.
  5. You require a dwelling that is safe for those who are medically vulnerable.
  6. A SERVPRO professional mold inspection service is free!

Experienced North Dallas SERVPRO Mold Remediation Professional and Inspectors

Other than being no charge, there are other benefits for mold inspection and testing.

With a professional mold inspection and testing, you get: 

  • A proper mold assessment (we know where mold likes to hide and what to look for).
  • Expert technicians who use various technologies to detect mold, and hidden water sources.
  • Mold expert recommendations for effective treatment and future mold growth mitigation tips.
  • Specially trained technicians with the proper personal protection equipment who gets close to the mold so you won’t have to.

We also offer a comprehensive mold remediation service! Our team of mold fighters will contain the spread, use industrial equipment to filter the air, use EPA-approved cleaning solutions to treat surfaces infected with mold, restore items contaminated with mold, and replace construction materials that cannot be restored. If your homeowner’s policy includes mold remediation, we work directly with your insurance company to streamline the process.

This all begins with a free SERVPRO mold inspection and testing. Call us at (972) 690-1414 to schedule yours today!

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