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Texas Disaster Restoration

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Richardson is a leader in Texas Disaster Restoration. We are a full-service damage restoration company with 30+ years of experience.

What is Disaster Restoration?

Disaster restoration is the myriad of services that are provided to victims of disasters.  The term today encompasses many different types of disasters, including:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Strong Wind
  • Hailstorms
  • Wildfires
  • Other extreme weather

Many national and government organizations exist today to help families in need when a disaster impacts their communities.  The most well-known services include FEMA and the American Red Cross.  

Yet, even with these organizations helping those in need, families and businesses still have to know what to do if they are ever in need of Texas disaster restoration services.  The most pressing questions everyone should be able to answer are:

  • Where do I go if my property is impacted?
  • Will my insurance cover the damage to my property?
  • Will my insurance cover to replace all the damaged items inside my property?
  • Who is going to clean and restore my property?
  • How long will it take for my home to be cleaned?

Insurance During a Disaster Declaration

The only way to be certain that your property will be covered during a disaster is to call your insurance company and ask.  We have worked with many homeowners who kept a copy of their homeowner's insurance policy and, unfortunately, misunderstood a portion of it.  Have a candid conversation with your insurance agent and ask:

  • What kinds of disasters does my policy cover?  Some policies may cover earthquakes but exclude tornadoes.  Know exactly what you’re covered for. 
  • Can I add flood insurance?  Homeowners insurance is not flood insurance.  If you want flood insurance, ask to take out a policy. 
  • What’s my deductible?  A deductible is the amount of money you owe before your insurance company covers the rest.  Know what your deductible is and have this amount ready. 
  • Does my insurance pay for temporary lodging? For how long? At what kind of accommodation?  
  • Does my insurance policy cover contents?  Contents are all of your belongings inside of your home.  Almost every insurance policy has some limit to how much they will cover, which often leaves homeowners responsible for covering the replacement or cleaning costs of the rest.  Make sure your policy covers enough to replace all of your belongings. To do this, you may have to complete a home inventory

The time to speak with your insurance is before anything happens.  If you want for a disaster, chances are, you won’t be the only one trying to get through to your agent or adjuster, and you may have to wait for answers. 

What Companies Specialize in Disaster Restoration in Texas?

Texas has many companies that focus on restoring homes and businesses affected by all kinds of disasters.  In recent years, many new companies have begun restoration businesses in Texas. The reason for the growth of this industry is because restoration is faster, less invasive, and less expensive for homeowners.  Before restoration, the only solution was to tear down a property and start over -- something that is almost never needed today. 

When choosing a disaster restoration company in Texas, you may want to consider:

  • Do I want a full-service disaster restoration company, or do I want to hire multiple contractors?  More and more homeowners and insurance companies are choosing to work only with restoration companies that do full-service work.  Full-service means they can take care of every portion of your claim themselves from extracting water, drying your property, cleaning your property and contents, to rebuilding anything that was damaged.  A full-service company means you have one point of contact and saves you the hassle of managing and paying multiple contractors. If you prefer a full-service restoration company, ask them how much of your project they will do themselves. 
  • Is the disaster restoration company local or have they traveled from another state?  Many companies travel to assist in restoring entire communities. It’s important for you to understand if the company you’d like to work with is properly licensed to work in your area. 
  • Is the disaster restoration company experienced, or are they new to the industry?  The time for learning is never on your property. Consider hiring an established company with plenty of experience.  Ask them what kinds of claims they have handled before, how large their projects were, and if they have traveled to communities impacted by disasters before. 
  • What kind of reputation does the disaster restoration company have?  Make sure your chosen company is easy to find online and has a great reputation. 
  • Does the disaster restoration company work with my insurance?  Not everyone is willing to work with your insurance adjuster to process your claim.  Make sure that you hire a company with extensive experience working with all insurance companies and adjusters.  

Water Damage Restoration - Most Commonly Needed

The most common disaster restoration need is water damage restoration.  Water damages occur as a result of hurricane rising water, flooding, and severe thunderstorms.  Water damage can also happen when a hailstorm damages a property’s roof and the hail melts inside the home. 

During a water damage restoration, you can expect:

  • Water removal - all the water has to be extracted to stabilize the building. 
  • Sanitation - a virucide and biocide will be needed to help the property be safe for restoration technicians. 
  • Demolition - due to rising water being considered Category 3, a flood cut will be needed.
  • Inspection - the restoration company will check for structural damage in walls and ceiling.  They should also inspect for mold growth. 
  • Drying - your entire structure has to be dried to prevent further damage and help prevent mold growth. 
  • Content cleaning - the items that can be saved will be taken to the restoration company’s cleaning facility for cleaning and, if needed, storage. 
  • Mold Remediation (when necessary) - if the mold is large enough, a Texas licensed mold remediation contractor will be needed to remediate the mold. 
  • Abatement (when asbestos is found). 
  • Reconstruction - the restoration company will rebuild any part of your home that needed demolition; often this is portions of your drywall, flooring, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Throughout this process, the water damage restoration company should be in touch regularly with your insurance adjuster to process your claim.  

Disaster Preparedness

There are many great sources for tips and preparedness guides today, a lot of compiled by government agencies.  We recommend:

  • Ready.gov.  This website includes lots of great resources for families and businesses looking to prepare themselves before any kind of disaster occurs.  Their resources are available in both English and Spanish. 
  • NFPA.org.  The National Fire Protection Association focuses on fire-related disasters.  Fires are particularly devastating because even a small fire can completely impact a household.  
  • Flood Insurance.  We recommend that everyone take the time to learn a little bit about flood insurance simply because flood insurance is not covered by regular homeowner’s insurance.  We have seen firsthand how properties, even those not in traditional flood zones, have been impacted by rising water.  A great resource for flood insurance is Floodsmart.gov

Choosing a Reputable Restoration Company

Knowing who you can trust to help you during your time of need is important.  It’s unfortunate when homeowners in need are duped by fake restoration companies promising to help only to disappear.  Prepare yourself by knowing how to hire a reputable restoration company during natural disasters. 

Experienced & Compassionate Full-Service Disaster Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Richardson has been a leader in Texas disaster restoration for over 30-years.  Our headquarters is on the border of Richardson and Plano, Texas, and we have traveled to many communities impacted by natural disasters for nearly two decades. 

Our team has restored thousands of homes and businesses, and we can help you, too.  

Do you have questions about disaster restoration we haven’t covered?  Contact us, and we’ll be happy to respond. 

We’re here to help. 

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