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Does My Building Need Commercial Duct Cleaning?

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial duct cleaning is offered by SERVPRO of Richardson for any property in DFW.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Dallas, Fort Worth

If you look up right now and find a duct, do you see dust surrounding it?

If it’s been a while since your last duct cleaning, the good news is that commercial air duct cleaning is a simple process, and getting it scheduled and done will most likely be an easy task.  

As a commercial building owner or manager, you’ve got a lot on your plate regarding regular building maintenance.  You’ve probably got a maintenance crew or two that handles various tasks such as taking care of the parking lot, landscaping, and cleaning within the public areas of the building.  The truth is, duct cleaning is often overlooked.

Consider the following reasons why most of our clients consider commercial air duct cleaning. 

Preventative: Air Duct Cleaning Maintenance

Preventative maintenance may help improve the air quality in the building for employees and visitors.  Air ducts that have not been cleaned in years can hold an accumulation of dust and debris, which can be circulated through the air whenever the air conditioner is running.  

You may need to consider air duct cleaning maintenance if:

  • You can see dust around your air vent opening. 
  • Your AC bills are getting higher (it may be a sign of a clogged duct making the AC work harder to cool your property). 
  • The air from the vent isn’t blowing as strongly as before.
  • Your workplaces are getting dusty more often.
  • Employees are experiencing increased symptoms like allergies. 

Not Sure if you Need Commercial Air Vent Cleaning?

If you need your commercial ductwork inspected, just contact us or give us a call now to schedule us to come out.  We’ll take a look inside your vents and can tell you if your ductwork is in need of cleaning. 

FDA Cleaning Inspections

A common reason that many properties, especially commercial manufacturing buildings, need their air ducts cleaned is to prepare for an inspection from the Food and Drug Administration.  We receive calls many of our manufacturing clients often to keep their commercial ductwork clean. We know how important inspections are, and we make sure to get the job done right. You can trust us, too, to help you pass your inspection. 

If you have an upcoming FDA inspection, give us a call and let us know what you need.  Along with commercial air duct cleaning, we can also clean your carpets and sanitize hard surfaces to food-grade clean. 

Mold in Air Ducts

There are, of course, also times when you need to have commercial air duct cleaning performed, such as when mold is present in the air ducts.  In cases with mold, commercial air vent cleaning is a must. 

If your building experiences high humidity, or if there is water leaking into one of the air ducts, mold can grow.  Mold spores can circulate through the building each time the AC system turns on and what started as an isolated problem can turn into a bigger project quickly.  

In Texas, it’s especially important to have your mold remediated as soon as you find it.  Texas Mold Law dictates that mold growth that is 25-contiguous square feet and above is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which means more paperwork, mandatory waiting periods, and more mold remediation professionals to coordinate with (read more details here). 

We have extensive experience in commercial mold remediation, and we’re also a licensed Texas Mold Remediation Contractor. 

If we find mold in your commercial ductwork, we’ll be able to help. 

Cleaning Air Ducts After a Fire

Another time when commercial ductwork becomes a must-do is when a property has experienced a fire.  After a fire, soot and smoke particles may settle in the air ducts and then blow around your building.  Soot may contain carcinogens, so it’s important that it be removed. 

When a fire occurs, smoke naturally moves to the cooler areas of the room it’s located in.  Most of the time, that is the HVAC and ductwork system. This is why it’s very common to see smoke and soot clogged ductwork after commercial fire damage.  When we prepare a property for fire damage cleanup, the air ducts is always one of the first places we inspect. 

Rodent Infestation in Air Ducts

Additionally, air ducts can become a prime environment for rodents, roaches, and other pests to nest.  Rodent debris can also be circulated throughout the building when the fan is turned on. These situations usually happen in buildings with high humidity and other pest-favorable conditions, but even every building can suffer from this problem.

How Often Should Commercial Ductwork Be Cleaned?

If it has been about five (5) years since the system was last cleaned, we recommend getting your commercial ductwork inspected.  A commercial cleaning expert will be able to tell you if your ductwork needs cleaning or is still good to go. 

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Getting commercial air duct cleaning performed as preventative maintenance offers a number of benefits both for the building and for the people within. For starters, the air quality may be improved and cleaning lets you know your air ducts are absent of mold spores, dust, and other small bits of debris.

Removing dust and debris also helps to improve the life of your building’s HVAC system, which can otherwise suffer in performance if dust and debris are allowed to build up over time.  The components will last longer and work better as well, consuming less energy because the motor and the fan will not need to work as hard to efficiently distribute the air.

Why You Need a Professional Commercial Air Vent Cleaning Service

Commercial air duct cleaning requires specialized tools to properly gather all the debris in your ducts without causing the ductwork any harm.  Experienced air vent cleaning professionals will also know how to handle different types of commercial ductwork and will know how to prevent contaminating other areas of your property while the ductwork is being cleaned.  

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

To properly perform commercial air duct cleaning, professionals arrive with a duct cleaning machine—typically a truck-mounted vacuum for small commercial buildings or portable equipment for large commercial buildings.  The equipment is designed so that the brush and suction can reach the entire duct.

The equipment also typically comes with a camera that is snaked into the duct so that the technicians can verify that the duct has been successfully cleaned.  Professionals have been trained so that none of the ductwork is damaged during the cleaning. Afterward, if the technicians deem it necessary, a sealant can also be sprayed into the ductwork to prevent future dust buildup.

Depending on the complexity of your property, this work can take anywhere from a few hours to multiple days.  

For your convenience, we offer after-hours and overnight commercial air duct cleaning to help you keep business interruption to a minimum. 

How Much Does Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

A professional commercial air duct cleaning service will need to send a technician to your commercial building in order to provide an estimate.  The estimate will be based on the size of the building and the scope of the work to be performed. 

Take the time to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have so that you are fully aware of the process and how long it will take.

We Provide Commercial Duct Cleaning Services Near You

SERVPRO of Richardson is available to anyone in North Texas, and we are always happy to provide a free estimate.  Contact or call us today!

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