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Why and How to Wash A Comforter, Bed Sheets, and Linens

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Washing System An internal shot of the Esporta washing machine.  This shows how our machine's compartments lock items in place to ensure a gentle and efficient wash.

We’re talking about everything on top of your mattress -- sheets, blankets, and comforters.  All of these items are meant to keep your mattress clean and to keep you comfortable and warm while you sleep.

But if you don’t clean them often enough, they eventually become a bacterial mess.

What’s on Bedding?

What is on your skin rubs off onto your linens.  That includes any ointments, unwashed makeup, and whatever else you’ve carried on your skin and hair and haven’t washed off before bed.  

Over the course of just a few days, this mixture will accumulate on your linens and rub against you as you sleep, possibly causing your skin some problems like irritation or acne.

How to Clean Sheets

Sheets are easy to clean.  Throw them into your washer once a week using the warm/hot water setting.  Don’t overcrowd the machine.

After their wash, throw them in the dryer with a rubber dryer ball to make sure they dry evenly.  

Then, store them in a cool, dry place where dust won’t find them.  This is how they’ll stay fresh and clean for their next use.

How to Clean Comforters and Blankets

Blankets and comforters are usually protected by your top sheet, but eventually, they need some love, too.  These can be washed at home, however, large ones with heavy fibers can be a challenge to wash properly.

For these pieces to be cleaned thoroughly, water should penetrate the fibers to force the contaminants off.

We’ve heard about some trouble people have had at home, and we’ve had this trouble ourselves.  

  • The washing machine can’t properly soak the comforter all the way through
  • The washing machine leaves soap behind

In these cases, you need a bigger and more powerful machine.  Some people find a commercial laundromat that can fit their sized comforters, and others take them to their local dry cleaner.  

Commercial Laundromats and Dry Cleaners

We don’t prefer either of these methods for a few reasons:

  • A traditional machine, even a commercial sized one, will wash your comforter using agitation.  Imagine it in the machine getting tossed and turned. That agitation will eventually damage the fabrics and cause them to fray.  If you are trying to clean a family heirloom blanket, this is a problem.
  • Dry cleaners use harsh chemicals to wash clothing.  This isn’t something many people prefer to have to touch their skin at night.

If you’re having trouble washing your heavy comforter or blanket, we can help.


Our Esporta Washing System will not just wash your comforter, but it will disinfect your comforters and blankets.  

Our machine looks like a huge laundry machine, but it has different compartments inside.  We will place your comforter into one of these compartments and tell the machine what kind of cycle to run.  

After we shut the door, the bottom half of the machine fills up with water that gets mixed with up to six different detergents.  Then, the machine’s compartments start to spin rapidly.

While your comforter is locked into place and doesn’t move at all, the hydraulic pressure created by the spinning literally pushes the detergent laden water through every single layer of fabric in your comforter.  This movement causes over 99% of contaminants to be pushed out.

The lack of agitation inside the machine means your comforter stays in its position and is not rubbed or twisted.  This process makes it a lot more gentle on its fabrics.

One of the best aspects of the machine is that the clothing that comes out of the wash are food grade clean and near pH neutral.  Our detergents are environmentally friendly and safe for your skin.

After its wash, each comforter is dried either in a gentle dryer cycle or air dried in a specialized chamber.  After it’s dry, we test your comforter to ensure it meets our disinfection standards, and you are always provided with a copy of those results.

We’ve successfully sanitized thousands of pieces of clothing and textiles, including those that have been in sewage contaminated water, covered in fire smoke, and even mold infested.  We have one of the highest rates of restoration success in the industry with over 85% of textiles sanitized and completely restored to satisfaction.

We pick up and drop off your textiles anywhere in Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex.  Call or email us today if you have questions or you’d like a free quote.  

We’re ready to help!

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