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Top 5 Easy Mold Damage Tips Until Professional Help Arrives

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

Mold Damage Tips Until Professional Help Arrives Cleaning and removing a serious mold colony isn’t a DIY job. While waiting for the professionals to arrive, keep these top tips in mind.

Water damage and hot, humid summers can fuel mold growth. If you spot mold in your home or commercial property, you’ll need to act fast to prevent further damage to your building. Follow these top 5 quick and easy mold damage tips until the professional cavalry arrives.

Avoid These All-Too-Common Mold Damage Mistakes

When mitigating mold damage DIY while you wait for professionals, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Pick the right mold cleaner. You might think it’s bleach, but that’s a myth. Natural products like white vinegar are far superior and less dangerous for pets and people when cleaning mold spots and preventing regrowth in humid areas like bathrooms. 
  • Be mindful of cross-contamination. Once you start cleaning mold spots, spores can be released through the air. Turn off HVAC while you’re cleaning mold and dispose of cleaning materials and clothes to prevent cross-contamination. 
  • Remove the moisture source. No matter how much you clean, mold will return if it has enough moisture to support its growth. Fix leaks, clean spills, and lower humidity to 50% to stop mold from regrowing. Add a bathroom vent that goes to the outside to keep mold at bay. 

Mold Damage Tip #1: Fix Leaks and Clean Up Moisture ASAP

Mold is everywhere, and nearly any building will be dealing with mold at some point. The trick to keep it from growing to unacceptable levels is to maintain low humidity levels. 

Plumbing and roof leaks, water damage from flooding, and water damage from extinguishing a fire can fuel acute mold growth if not cleaned and dried within 48 hours. 

For the prevention of chronic mold problems, use a dehumidifier. Keep levels at 50%. Consider adding a bathroom or kitchen vent to lower humidity levels. Bathroom vents should go to the outside, not the attic or house eaves. 

Mold Damage Tip #2: Don’t Put Lipstick on That Pig

You might think that simply painting over a moldy wall will take care of the problem. Unfortunately, paint over mold will peel and create an even bigger, more costly mess on your hands. You have to appropriately clean the mold and prime the surface before painting. 

If painting in an area prone to mold, opt for mold-killing primers and paint to prevent regrowth. 

Mold Damage Tip #3: Use the Right Cleaner

Moldy basement? Prevent it from growing in other areas of the home with the right cleaner. You can purchase commercial cleaning products that inhibit mold growth or use a white vinegar solution in a spray bottle to take care of small spots. 

Mold Damage Tip #4: Stay Out of Highly Contaminated Areas

High levels of mold are unpleasant to deal with. In areas of high contamination, stay out until help arrives. Close off the site, and be sure to turn off fans and vents to these places until they’re professionally remediated. 

Mold Damage Tip #5: Consult the Specialists

Contacting a mold remediation company for help is one thing. But other contaminated or damaged materials like upholstery and carpets may need more specialized attention. 

Contact a water damage restoration professional specializing in mold remediation for a holistic approach to restoring your property and belongings. 

Key Takeaways

Cleaning and removing a serious mold colony isn’t a DIY job. While waiting for the professionals to arrive, keep these top tips in mind. 

We’re available 24/7 for your water damage and mold remediation needs in Richardson. Give us a call at (972) 690-1414 for a free estimate. 

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