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Top Areas to Check for Water Damage in your North Dallas Home

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

Areas to Check for Water Damage If you suspect that there is water damage lurking in areas around your household, we have some suggestions on where to look so you get to the damage.

There may be hints that there could be water damage in your home. One of the clues is a musty or moldy smell in the home. If you suspect that there is water damage lurking in areas around your household, we have some suggestions on where to look so you can intervene before it gets worse.

Exterior Water Damage

Look at the frames of the windows and doors. Dew accumulation leads to deterioration on the surface between the materials, such as bubbles, peeling paint, or warping. Also, you might find signs of moisture affecting the framing of the windows where pieces start to degrade and break away.

With siding, check where the panels meet for flaws where water can sneak in. Similarly, the water can pass through protective siding through cracks. If your exterior is wooden, look for signs of rot.

Next, we look to the roof. Are your gutters clear of debris and intact to control water runoff? Are there any missing shingles or depressions along the roof’s surface? Is the flashing in good shape? For tiled roofing, look for broken or loosened tiles. Just one flawed shingle, tile or piece of flashing is a vulnerable spot for water to creep in.

Interior Water Damage

Check around the window framing for signs of warping or peeling of paint. Do you see water stains on the walls or the ceiling? These are warning signs of water problems.

Next, check where water is used most: appliances, bathtubs, showers, and sinks. 

  • For appliances, check under the dishwasher, and behind the clothes washer. 
  • For sinks, check under the sink and look for warping in the surrounding countertop. 
  • For toilets (especially if it wobbles) look for warping and mold growth behind the toilet and around the base where there may be floor damage. 
  • For tubs and showers, look for damage around plumbing connections. If any caulk is missing around the tub, check the tub surround. Look up at the walls surrounding the shower. There may be warped drywall or mold and mildew forming from a lack of ventilation.

Attic or Basement

It’s easy to miss the progression of water damage in an attic or basement when you seldom enter these. Up in the attic, there may be damp or moist areas or watermarks on the surface above. Does it feel humid up there during the summer? Moisture is getting in somehow.

In the basement, water can leak from plumbing or enter via hydrostatic pressure around the perimeter of the house. Look for damage around the windows and window wells along with swelling and water stains on the basement walls.

Check any plumbing that may be running water to the basement (bathroom or laundry room). Also, check for puddles around the sump pump or other draining apparatuses. If the basement isn’t draining properly, this leads to water damage.

Call SERVPRO of Richardson for Water Damage Restoration Services

SERVPRO’s teams are trained on advanced moisture detection techniques and specialized equipment. We remove water-damaged materials, extract as much water and moisture as possible, and use thorough drying techniques.

We work to solve the water damage problem at its source and eradicate all traces of moisture to prevent toxic mold growth. If you have recurring water damage problems or don’t have time to address these issues, give SERVPRO a call at (972) 690-1414 for a free estimate.

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