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Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas: What You Need to Know

10/25/2019 (Permalink)

A home’s HVAC system is comprised of a complex array of ductwork and other components. Ducts are wound throughout the house, bringing either cool or warm air into the living space and keeping residents comfortable. Those air ducts can also become the perfect conduit for dust, mold, pet dander, and other harmful allergens. Is air duct cleaning in Dallas worth the time and investment? We’ll explore what you need to know. 

When Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Some Dallas-based HVAC professionals will provide homeowners with instructions on how and when air duct cleaning in Dallas should be performed. A system’s unique cleaning schedule often depends on the climate, costs, equipment operating programs, air contaminants, and the homeowner’s expectations. The age of the system and any wear and tear on it will also impact when you should be cleaning your air ducts. 

New Systems

When a new system is installed, or older ductwork is upgraded, technicians will usually provide access to the system components that should be cleaned or easily replaced if they get dirty. New ductwork and equipment are kept sealed and, therefore, clean until they are ready to be installed. On extensive installation jobs, new ductwork can become clogged with construction debris and dirt. It has to be cleaned before it’s connected to avoid contaminating the indoor air. When upgrading an older system, the ductwork must be cleaned before it’s hooked up to the air handling system. 

Old Ductwork

Ductwork will naturally become dirty, soiled, and contaminated as time goes on, which is why it’s essential to have the system periodically cleaned. Dust can accumulate inside the ductwork over several years, pumping out debris anytime you turn on the furnace or AC. Clean ducts and registers will also keep dust from settling on your furniture and walls, helping to maintain the cleanliness of the home. Ductwork with dead bugs, rodents, mold, dirt, and dust won’t always result in problems with the indoor air quality, or IAQ. In fact, most ducts will be contaminated with dry dust, which is a common issue requiring periodic duct cleaning. This is especially important for home occupants that are prone to allergies and rhinitis. 

Damaged Ductwork

Periodic air duct cleaning in Dallas can also uncover damage to the system. But if you observe any of these issues, you’ll want to schedule a cleaning. In some instances, these issues may even warrant ductwork replacement. 

  • Signs of water damage
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Debris restricting airflow through the system
  • Air supply registers emitting dust and debris
  • Strange, offensive smells coming from the HVAC system and ducts

The home should be a place of comfort and respite. It’s not good for the home occupants when the HVAC system starts emitting odors or dust and debris. Scheduling a cleaning can keep the ducts free from offensive contaminants and also uncover any issues with the ductwork that needs to be fixed. Scheduling an air duct cleaning can also help to detect mold in the air ducts, and hiring an expert for mold removal services can prevent and inhibit and further mold growth.

Signs You Should Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas

Indoor air quality impacts the health of the home’s occupants. Growing concerns about the quality of the home’s indoor air make ductwork cleaning and maintenance a must. When people spend an average of 93% of their lives indoors, breathing in clean air is critical. The following issues and signs indicate that you should have your ductwork cleaned. 

Home Renovation

Are you remodeling the kitchen or having some work done on the interior of the house? This can kick up a lot of dust and debris. Older homes are also likely to have been painted with lead paint at some point in their history. Asbestos abatement in older homes also means the ductwork can become contaminated. During home renovations, the ductwork should always be sealed. If not, dangerous materials can get inside the ductwork and become inhaled. After a home renovation is completed, schedule an air duct cleaning for your home in Dallas. 

Pests and Rodents

Unwanted animals can wreak havoc on the ductwork if they manage to find their way into the system. Debris from pests can cause allergy-like symptoms in the home’s occupants. Plus, debris left from rodents can cause offensive odors to leach through the ductwork. Once pests have been removed, you’ll want to schedule a ductwork cleaning. 

Mold and Mildew

Signs of visible mold growth within the ductwork warrant a cleaning asap. Mold and mildew can have severe impacts on people’s health and make seasonal allergies much worse. While it’s true that mold spores are present in any air you breathe, high concentrations of mold spores in an enclosed space can be harmful to anyone’s health. 

Signs of Contamination

If pet hair, dust, and offensive smells are coming from the ductwork, then it needs to be cleaned. If you’ve already cleaned and vacuumed the registers and are still dealing with dust and contaminants from the ducts, then schedule a cleaning for ductwork in Dallas. 


Has someone in your family been struggling with a strange, allergy-related sickness? The ductwork might be to blame. Sometimes the only signs that ductwork needs to be cleaned are if someone suffers from allergy-like symptoms inside the home. Clearing the ductwork of allergens can significantly improve symptoms. 

How to Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas

When it comes to scheduling an air duct cleaning, avoid settling. You’ll want the company to do a full cleaning of the heating and cooling unit, not just a sweep of the ducts. Always be sure to check the company’s references, too. Look up third-party reviews and find out everything that is provided in for the price of the advertised duct cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to ask for at least three estimates from reputable HVAC cleaners. A reliable company will provide a free inspection and a detailed, accurate estimate. If you require air duct cleaning in Dallas, keep this information in mind so you can make an informed decision on when and how to clean the ductwork. 

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