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Water Stain on Ceiling? Get it Inspected for Free

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

brown water stain on commercial ceiling Ceiling water stains are often signs of slow-leaking water damage. For a free water spot inspection, give us a call today.

See a brown spot on your ceiling?

If you’re reading this, you are probably trying to figure out what to do with that brown or yellow spot you are seeing somewhere on your ceiling.  These brownish spots are called water spots or water stains.

Water spots indicate that the ceiling is wet or was wet and has now been stained. If the ceiling is still wet, then you have water damage.  If the ceiling is dry, the water spot is a cosmetic stain.

The big question here is -- is your ceiling wet or dry? 

Signs you have Ceiling Water Damage

There are various ways you can tell that you have ceiling water damage.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Is the ceiling visibly soaked?  If you can see water droplets with your naked eye, you have a pool of water on top of that water spot that needs to be taken care of quickly. 
  • Is the water spot growing?  Even if you can’t see water droplets, you might have a slow leak if your water spot keeps growing. 
  • Are you smelling a sweet, musky odor?  This odor is one sign of mold growth, which is very common when water damage was not restored properly.  If you’re experiencing this smell but can’t see mold, call for a mold inspection.  The mold remediation professional should be able to check out the area above your water spot and check it for mold growth. 
  • Do you see brown, green, or black spots on your ceiling?  You might be seeing mold. Call a licensed mold remediation contractor to get this area inspected. 

If any of these ring true, you’re going to need the help of a water damage restoration company.  Depending on the source of the leak, you may also need a plumber or roofing contractor.  If you don’t want to bother with multiple contractors, find a full-service restoration company that can take care of the entire project on their own. 

How Can I Tell if the Water Spot on my Ceiling is Dry?

The best way to know if your ceiling is dry is to have it inspected by a professional who have the right moisture detection tools and expertise to inspect the area above your ceiling to make sure there is no active leak. 

To get any possible moisture checked out, call someone specializing in moisture detection and drying.  The contractor should be able to:

  • Bring professional moisture meters and even a thermal imaging camera. 
  • Inspect the area above your ceiling, including an attic. 
  • If the ceiling is dry, they can prove it with their readings. 
  • If the ceiling is wet, they should inspect to find the source of the leak. 
  • Do it for free.  Really! Unless they are providing you with additional services, an inspection like this shouldn’t cost you anything. 

It’s Dry! Now, Fix the Water Stain on Your Ceiling

After you’re sure the ceiling water stain is dry, you can go ahead and get it taken care of.  This process is simple! 

  • First, clean the area where the stain is.  If you take a mild bleach cleaner, you may even be able to lighten the color of the stain.  The point is to take off any dust from the surface so the paint adheres correctly when you apply it. 
  • Next, wait for the ceiling to dry.  This is so important because you don’t want to paint over the stain and trap moisture in there!  Since you didn’t soak the ceiling with the cleaner, just wait for the ceiling to feel dry to the touch. 
  • Finally, take some oil-based paint that matches the rest of your ceiling and paint over the ceiling spot. 

Free Ceiling Water Stain Inspections

Getting that yellow spot on your ceiling checked out is better than hoping nothing more serious comes of it.  If you’re ready for a water stain inspection, contact us

Our inspections are free to any home or business in DFW. 

Full-Service Restoration Company

SERVPRO of Richardson is a full-service restoration company located on the border of Richardson and Plano, Texas.  We live and work in our hometown of DFW, and we’re always ready to help. 

Our franchise dispatches to fire and water damage remediation calls 24-hours a day, every day of the year.  We are also a licensed Texas Mold Remediation Contractor. 

Our full-service restoration services can help you with every step of your water stain problem, from inspecting the issue and taking care of any possible water damage, to reconstruction (if necessary). 

We’ve restored thousands of properties in 30+ years we’ve been serving North Texas.  We can help you, too. 

Call or contact us today and let us know what kind of help you need.  We’re ready!

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