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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Carpet Restoration in Dallas Fort Worth

Extending Your Carpet’s Life

Mold, fire, and water damage don’t have to be the end of your carpet’s life, and regular day-to-day soiling, even heavy soiling and carpet stains, can be cleaned.  Carpet restoration can extend the life one of your home’s most expensive investments, and it can also improve the look and cleanliness of your entire property.  

When a carpet is salvageable after damage and a room’s carpet has been restored, many of our clients request that the rest of carpeting in their room also be taken care of.  Deep wash carpet cleaning doesn’t just have to be done after damage or heavy soiling; it’s one part of the carpet restoration process that can be easily done and scheduled as part of your property’s regular maintenance. 

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Regular vacuuming goes a long way to help upkeep carpet.  Homes should vacuum their floors at least once a week; this helps keep the majority of loose dirt and debris from settling into your carpet’s fibers.  

Deep wash carpet cleaning takes carpet restoration a step further.  A professional-grade carpet cleaning machine with the right mix of detergents can shampoo your carpet’s fiber and take dust and contaminants out of the fibers.  We recommend hiring a restoration company with trained carpet cleaning technicians. Cleaning carpet may look simple, but a trained person will know how much detergent to use, how to manipulate the carpet’s fibers to properly clean them, and how to extract the right about of water after cleaning.  Professionals will also know how to spot-treat stains. 

In residential properties, deep wash carpet cleaning should take place every year.  Homes with multiple pets can have it done more often (about twice a year) without hurting the carpet.  Many clients choose to have their entire home’s carpets deep washed once a year and have areas with heavy traffic cleaned every six months. 

Commercial carpet cleaning should be done more often than residential.  Our commercial carpets are set up on a recurring carpet cleaning schedule.  Some choosing to have their carpets restored every six months while others have them done every month in heavy traffic areas. 

Carpet Restoration After Water Damage

Carpet restoration becomes urgent when it's been affected by water damage.  Moving quickly can make the difference between your carpet being saved or not.  The longer water is allowed to soak into the carpet, the higher the chances are that it will delaminate and have to be completely replaced. 

The best-case scenario for successful carpet restoration during water damage are when:

  • The water damage is Category 1.  This means the water is clean and free of contaminants. 
  • The water is extracted quickly, so the carpet has almost no time to become delaminated. 

If the conditions are met, then the carpet restoration process is simple and can be achieved quickly.  We:

  • Stop the source of leaking water. 
  • Extract all standing water from the carpet. 
  • If there is pad underneath the carpet, the carpet will be lifted and the pad removed.  Once the subfloor is dry, the carpet can be relaid again. 
  • Spray a virucide on the affected areas. 
  • Deep wash the carpets using the necessary detergents and shampoos.  We can also add a deodorizer with a pleasant scent. 
  • Set dehumidifiers and air movers to remove all excess moisture from the carpet and ready it to be used again as quickly as possible. 
  • If requested, we can also apply a protectant to the carpet, like Scotchgard

Restoration Carpet Cleaning During Fire and Mold Remediation

Carpet restoration during mold remediation and fire damage restoration are also possible.  Our franchise has experienced both scenarios many times, and we can give your carpets the best possibility of being saved and safe to use again. 

During Fire Damage Restoration, a carpet can be restored if the fire has not caused permanent damage like holes and singe marks.  If the smoke particulates and soot are like and the carpets are attempted to restored quickly, it may be possible to completely save the carpet.

Mold Remediation and carpet restoration are common, and it also needs to be done quickly.  When left alone long enough, mold will eventually stain and eat the carpet’s fibers and padding. 

When Carpet Restoration Won’t Work

Category 2 and 3 water damage (dirty, contaminated water), carpet delamination, a serious fire, and large amounts of long-term mold growth will prevent successful carpet restoration.  When any of these cases happen, the safest action is to remove the carpet and pad. 

When a carpet has to be disposed of, our technicians take a small sample of it and take it back to our facility for iTel testing.  iTel will produce a report which will tell us (and your insurance adjuster) the replacement costs and quality of your carpet so a similar one can be re-installed.  

If the insurance adjuster approves a new carpet, or if the homeowner chooses to have their carpet replaced on their own, our reconstruction team will work with the homeowner to choose its kind, style, and color.  

Full-Service Reconstruction and Damage Restoration Company in Dallas Fort Worth

If you’re looking for a company that can help you through every step of your restoration project, then SERVPRO of Richardson can help.  We are the one phone call most insurance companies, adjusters, and clients prefer to help them in their time of need.  

Whatever the damage type of size, we’ve seen it all in our over 30+ years of experience serving our hometown of North Texas. 

Call or contact us anytime.  We’re ready to help!